2020 Workforce news roundup

Wearables may increase worker productivity (Telegraph): A new study from University of London looks at the effects of wearable technologies—including devices that monitor posture, brain activity, and motion data—on employee productivity and satisfaction.

Corporate social responsibility as a driver of employee engagement (Associations Now): According to a study published in the American Marketing Association, CSR initiatives can positively impact employee performance.

HubSpot relies on non-traditional interview tactics to find employees (FastCompany): Tricks like waiting to see if an job candidate picks up trash left on the table after the interview or dedicating the majority of an interview slot to a candidate’s questions are used at HubSpot to determine if someone’s personality would work well in a given department. Are these interview tactics a factor in the company’s 85% retention rate?

Google will release stats about diversity of its workforce (USA Today): Tech giant Google will release this employee next month as a response to backlash against tech companies for hiring too few minorities and women. Google’s transparency should lead the way for other tech companies and help the industry define strategies for building diverse workforces.


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