2020 Workforce news roundup

Don’t Go to Work: The management scheme that lets workers do whatever they want, as long as they get things done. (Slate): Best Buy created what they call the Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) in 2003, a model that gives employees complete autonomy, including the freedom to choose hours, vacation time, and even which meetings to attend. The retailer believes the ROWE not only improves employee satisfaction, but also leads to better business results for the company.

The key to employee engagement has less to do with management than you’d think (Fast Company): A recent study from Bain & Company says the employees who are least engaged are those who have the least control—and the most customer contact. What can executives do to make sure these employees are engaged and passing along that satisfaction to the customers?

The curious case of the missing Millennial workers (CNN Money): According to a recent Fortune report based on Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly 10% of recent college graduates are neither in the workforce nor in school. While contract workers may account for part of this number, the trend may still present a challenge for companies looking to hire entry-level employees.

Kill the Cover Letter and Résumé (New York Magazine): New thinking suggests the traditional application packet—a cover letter and résumé—are major impediments to hiring diverse and skilled workforces, as recent research has exposed the bias that often creeps into a hiring manager’s review of the materials.

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