Workforce 2020 at SuccessConnect

We released the findings of our huge global study this week at SuccessConnect. Oxford Economics’ Technology Practice Lead Ed Cone, who oversaw the Workforce 2020 project, presented the findings yesterday morning.

People were really interested in our findings, especially on Millennials. In fact, some were actually thanking me for the myth-busting–especially the Millennials to whom I spoke (I told them it wasn’t me, it was the survey data).

This sense of relief is a consistent theme. On my flight home, the guy next to me–a young entrepreneur–said he’s tired of people looking at his generation like aliens from outer space. I laughed and told him our junior staffers compared it to being an exotic species in a zoo. Time to move past all that and focus on the real differences.

Many more interesting conversations around the survey data and other topics, and overall a great experience at SuccessConnect.

                                                   -Ed Cone

We’ll be sharing our research on the blog and updating you on the next wave of deliverables-including fact sheets, think pieces, and interactive infographics-as they become available.

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