2020 Workforce news roundup

Work-Life Balance through Interval Training (Harvard Business Review): Scott Behson reviews the concept of the “corporate athlete” (a term coined by authors Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz). According to the authors, work-life athleticism comes down to three critical dimensions—mind and body, performance and development, and exertion and recovery.

What It’s Like to Deliver Bad News for a Living (The Atlantic): For those who spend their working hours delivering bad news—like oncologists, first responders, and consultants handling massive layoffs—the job can be psychologically and physically damaging.

TSB Freezes CEO Pay, Pledges Free Employee Shares in IPO (Bloomberg): As the gap in pay between high-level executives and mid-level employees attracts more attention, TSB Bank has frozen its CEO’s salary and limited his bonus.

How Greyhound Is Trying to Stay Relevant at 100 Years Old (FastCompany): Over the past few years, Greyhound has restructured its business to stay successful. One of those changes is making sure employees are empowered and equipped to handle their jobs.