Our Millennial Misunderstanding webinar is now available on-demand

You can now listen to last week’s webinar on The Millennial Misunderstanding, featuring data presentation from Oxford Economics’ technology practice lead Ed Cone as well as real-world insights from Deloitte’s Deborah Cole and SAP’s David Swanson. During the presentation, panelists discussed some of the common misconceptions about Millennials in the workplace and what companies can do to better meet the needs of their younger workers.

Want to participate in one of our live webinars and have a chance to ask questions in real time? Be sure to register for our next one on What Matters Most at Work. We’ll be talking about the benefits and incentives that are most important to employees-and what most companies actually offer.

Join us next Wednesday for a webinar on Millennials

Next Wednesday, November 12, join us for a discussion on the Millennial misunderstanding-one the major themes of our research program.

As we’ve discussed on the blog, our Workforce 2020 surveys reveal that when it comes to work, Millennials are not so different than their older colleagues.

During the webinar, Ed Cone will present the findings of our research and ask for insights from Deloitte’s Deborah Cole and SAP’s David Swanson. Do Millennials need to be managed differently than other workers? Do Millennials actually care less about competitive compensation? Are Millennials getting the training they need at work?

Join us Wednesday at 10 am PT/1 pm ET for answers to these questions and others. You can register here.