2020 Workforce news roundup

Enough about Introverts: Mastering the Way to Work with Extroverts (FastCompany): The work styles and preferences of introverts have been a popular topic in the news recently, but even introvert advocate Susan Cain (author of Quiet) recognizes that more outspoken employees need quiet time and focus, too.

A Job Description Written for Exactly One Person (The Atlantic): Santa Clara University recently published a job posting so specific, only one person was qualified—the current man in the position.

Nearly half of Millennials aren’t saving for retirement (Baltimore Business Journal): According to a recent Wells Fargo survey, 47% of Millennials are putting at least half of their paychecks toward debt, but they aren’t able to save for retirement—suggesting that companies looking to hire younger workers should consider offering simple financial plans and advice to their employees.

Remember that aging workforce the feds kept talking about? Well, it’s still a problem. (Washington Business Journal): A new survey of federal CIOs shows that the federal workforce is still dealing with the threat of an aging workforce and their inability to attract younger employees to replace them.