Our Workforce 2020 program is winding down

As our Workforce 2020 program heads toward the finish line, we will be posting less frequently on this blog. Of course, we continue to analyze the data—we’re currently working on a short paper specific to the financial services industry, and our series of webinars will run through the next few months.

This research program has taught us a lot about what really matters to employees—Millennials and non-Millennials alike—and how much work executives need to do to meet those needs and achieve their HR goals. We hope the research we’ve documented here has both helped your company change its workforce strategies and made you consider your own needs as an employee. 

Thanks, as always, for reading. We will keep you posted as more of our papers and infographics become available, and probably won’t be able to resist the urge to post when we come across a particularly relevant article online.  Until then, you can access the reports at Oxford Economics’ Workforce 2020 landing page or the SuccessFactors project page.

2 thoughts on “Our Workforce 2020 program is winding down

  1. In no place in your research reports or infographics or research methodology do you mention when this research was done. I finally had to search back through the blog posts on this page to see when it was released. Any research report includes the timing of the research study, especially one of this scale. I imagine that the reason for this blatant omission is an effort to misguide the reader into thinking the research is more current than it actually is, once more time has elapsed.

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